MPFSC Recent Results Summary: Competiton/Testing


2.28.16 MPFSC Ice Show (216)MPFSC is so proud of all of our skaters! Check out some results from recent competitions and USFS testing.

*Most recent results are listed at the top of each section.

Skate Elite: February 25, 2017

  • Sean Cotter: 4th Place Basic 6 Elements; 4th Place Basic 6 Program with Music

USFS Testing: November 13, 2016

  • Jawaher Dabas: Senior MIF
  • Madison Morey: Junior MIF, Foxtrot, European Waltz (completing her Pre-Silver Dance Tests)
  • Elson Willsey: Intermediate MIF, Foxtrot
  • Kayla Morgan: Juvenile MIF
  • Miranda Steffke: Pre-Juvenile MIF
  • Andrea Kemler: Adult Pre-Bronze MIF; Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate
  • Jayde Harnick: Pre Preliminary MIF
  • Maycen Morey Pre Preliminary Free Skate
  • Angelina Myers: Pre Preliminary Free Skate

Michigan Basic Skills Series Medals:

  • Olivia Kunik: 1st place, Basic 6 Free Skate
  • Sophie Plevinski: 3rd place, Snowplow Sam Elements
  • Nicole Goenner: 3rd place, Basic 1 Elements
  • Mariana Moreno: 2nd place, Basic 4 Elements
  • Grace McIntosh: 3rd place, No Test Compulsory

Skate Midland, November 5, 2016

  • Sean Cotter: 3rd place, Basic 4 Elements
  • Michelle Cotter: 4th place, Basic 4 Elements; 2nd place, Basic 4 Program with Music.
  • Olivia Kunik: 6th place, Basic 6 Elements; 4th place, Basic 6 Program with Music
  • Mariana Moreno: 1st place, Basic 4 Elements; 3rd place, Basic 4 Program with Music
  • Jayde Harnick: 3rd place, Beginner/High Beginner/Adult Artistic
  • Jenna Harnick: 2nd place, Preliminary Test Track
  • Maycen Morey: 1st place, High Beginner Freestyle
  • Kayla Morgan: 3rd place, Preliminary Test Track; 4th place, Preliminary/Adult Bronze Artistic
  • Sara Nitschke: 1st place, Preliminary Test Track; 2nd place, Preliminary/Adult Bronze Artistic

National Showcase 2016, August 11 – 14, 2016

  • Kayla Morgan: 13th place, Preliminary Dramatic
  • Madison Morey: 13th place, Juvenile Light Entertainment
  • Sara Nitschke: 5th place, Preliminary Light Entertainment
  • Jenna Harnick: 11th place, Preliminary Dramatic; 14th place, Preliminary Light Entertainment

Novi Summer Chill, July 23, 2016

  • Jacqueline Ko: 4th place, High Beginner Freeskate

Grand Rapids Open, June 24 – 25, 2016

  • Jayde Harnick: 1st place, Beginner Light Entertainment
  • Jenna Harnick: 4th place, Preliminary Light Entertainment; 2nd place, Preliminary Dramatic; 3rd place, Preliminary Test Track
  • Madison Morey: 2nd place, Juvenile Light Entertainment, 5th place, Juvenile Test Track
  • Maycen Morey: 1st Place, High Beginner Light Entertainment; 4th place, High Beginner Test Track
  • Kayla Morgan: 3rd place, Preliminary Dramatic
  • Sara Nitschke: 3rd place, Preliminary Light Entertainment; 2nd place, Preliminary Test Track

Traverse City Cherry Classic, June 10 – 11, 2016

  • Rachel Bigelow: 4th place, Pre-Juvenile Spins; 2nd Place, Pre-Juvenile Test Track
  • Jayde Harnick: 2nd place, Beginner Light Entertainment
  • Jenna Harnick: 6th place, NSD Pre-Silver Pattern Dance; 1st place Preliminary Test Track; 3rd place Preliminary Dramatic
  • Andrea Kemler: 1st place, Adult Beginner Compulsory Moves

Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational, May 19 – 22, 2016

  • Rachel Bigelow: 3rd place, Pre-Juvenile Test Track; 4th Place Pre-juvenile spins
  • Sara Nitschke: 2nd place, Preliminary Test Track; 1st place Preliminary Light Entertainment; 3rd place Preliminary Spins
  • Maycen Morey: 2nd place High Beginner Freestyle; 4th place Beginner Light Entertainment
  • Jenna Harnick 6th place Preliminary Test Track; 6th place NSD Pre-Silver Pattern Dance; 2nd place Preliminary Dramatic
  • Kayla Morgan: 7th place Preliminary Test Tack; 4th place Preliminary Dramatic
  • Elson Willsey: 8th place NSD Bronze Pattern Dance; 3rd place Juvenile Light Entertainment; 2nd place Juvenile Test Track
  • Madison Morey: 8th place NSD Bronze Pattern Dance; 2nd place Juvenile Light Entertainment; 4th place Juvenile Test Track
  • Patrick Ronan: 6th place NSD Pre-Silver Pattern Dance
  • Autumn Willsey: 10th place NSD Silver Pattern Dance; 2nd Teen Light Entertainment; 3rd Juvenile Test Track

Skate the Zoo: Kalamazoo, April 30, 2016

  • Olivia Kunik: 2nd place, Basic 4 Elements; 1st place, Basic 4 Progam with Music.
  • Bailey Burger: 4th place, Basic 6 Elements; 5th place, Basic 6 Program with Music.
  • Annabelle Daniels: 2nd place, Basic 8 Elements; 1st place, Basic 8 Program with Music
  • Grace Mcintosh: 1st place: NoTest Compulsory Moves; 2nd place NoTest Freestyle
  • Maycen Morey: 1st place, High Beginner Showcase; 1st place High Beginner Freestyle
  • Valerie Yuncker: 2nd place, Basic 8 Program with Music
  • Jacqueline Ko: 4th place, Beginner Freestyle
  • Erica Narr: 5th place, Beginner Freestyle

Mountain Town Classic: Mt. Pleasant, April 9, 2016

  • Bailey Burger, Basic 5 Program w/Music: 4th place; Basic 5 Elements: 4th place
  • Rachel Chess, Basic 2 Elements: 3rd place
  • Annabelle Daniels, Basic 8 Program w/music: 2nd place; Basic 8 Elements: 2nd place
  • Madison Forfinski, Beginner Freestle: 4th place
  • Nicole Goenner, Basic 1 Elements: 1st place
  • Elliana Gursky, Basic 2 Program w/music: 2nd place
  • Jayde Harnick, Basic 8 Program w/music: 3rd place
  • Sofia Hill, Basic 7 Elements: 5th place
  • Gabrielle Holt, Basic 4 Elements: 6th place; Basic 4 Program w/music: 3rd place
  • Lucy Holt, High Beginner Compulsory Moves: 3rd place; High Beginner Freestyle: 4th place
  • Jacqueline Ko, Beginner Freestyle: 3rd place
  • Olivia Kunik, Basic 4 Program w/music: 1st place; Basic 4 Elements: 3rd place
  • Ezgi Kurt, Basic 7 Elements: 3rd place; Basic 6 Program w/music: 2nd place
  • Hayden Long, Basic 3 Elements: 4th place
  • Grace McIntosh, High Beginner Freestyle: 3rd place; High Beginner Compulsory Moves: 1st place
  • Kara Moon, Basic 1 Elements: 2nd place
  • Mariana Moreno, Basic 3 Program w/music: 2nd place; Basic 3 Elements: 1st place
  • Maycen Morey, Beginner Artistic: 1st place; High Beginner Freestyle: 2nd place
  • Kayla Morgan, Preliminary Artistic: 1st place; Preliminary Test Track: 2nd place
  • Erica Narr, Beginner Freestyle: 2nd place
  • Olivia Nelson, Basic 3 Elements: 3rd place; Basic 3 Program w/music: 3rd place
  • Sara Nitschke, Preliminary Artistic: 2nd place; Preliminary Test Track: 1st place
  • Sophie Plevinski, Snowplow Sam Elements: 1st place
  • Vivian Wickes, Basic 7 Elements: 2nd place; Basic 7 Program w/Music: 1st place
  • Valerie Yuncker, Basic 8 Program w/music: 6th place

Van Camp Competition: Lansing, March 18-19, 2016

  • Rachel Bigelow, Pre-Juvenile Spins: 3rd place; Pre-Juvenile Test Track: 1st place
  • Autumn Willsey, Juvenile Test Track: 1st place;  14-Step: 1st place; European Waltz: 1st place
  • Madison Morey, Juvenile Test Track: 2nd place; Hickory Hoedown: 1st place; Willow Waltz: 1st place
  • Elson Willsey, Juvenile Test Track: 4th place; Hickory Hoedown: 2nd place; Willow Waltz: 2nd place
  • Jenna Harnick, 14-step: 2nd place;  European Waltz: 2nd place; Preliminary Showcase: 7th place; Preliminary Test Track, Group B: 7th place
  • Jayde Harnick, Basic 8 Program w/Music: 2nd place
  • Maycen Morey, High Beginner Showcase: 2nd place; High Beginner Freestyle: 1st place
  • Sara Nitschke, Preliminary Showcase: 1st place; Preliminary Test Track, Group A: 5th place
  • Kayla Morgan, Preliminary Showcase: 6th place; Preliminary Test Track, Group B: 6th place

USFS Testing, Mt. Pleasant, April 24, 2016

  • Sarah Zhao: Junior MIF; Intermediate FS
  • Jawaher Dabas: Junior MIF; Juvenile FS
  • Madison Morey: Novice MIF; Willow Waltz, Ten Fox, Hickory Hoedown completing her Bronze Dance Tests; Fourteenstep
  • Hanna Fussman: Intermediate MIF; Foxtrot and European Waltz, completing her Pre-Silver Dance Tests.
  • Jenna Harnick: Intermediate MIF; Foxtrot and European Waltz, completing her Pre-Silver Dance Tests.
  • Rachel Bigelow: Juvenile MIF
  • Sara Nitschke: Juvenile MIF
  • Maycen Morey: Pre-Preliminary MIF
  • Jacqueline Ko: Pre-Premilminary MIF
  • Elson Willsey: Juvenile FS; Ten Fox, completing his Bronze Dance Tests; Fourteenstep
  • Kayla Morgan: Preliminary FS
  • Patrick Ronan: European Waltz, completing his Pre-Silver Dance Tests.

Middle of the Mitt High School Team:

District Finals: Bay City, February 20, 2016

  • Jumps
    • B-Team: 4th
    • C-Team 4th
  • Moves
    • B-Team: 6th
    • C-Team: 4th
  • Spins
    • B-Team: 7th
    • C-Team: 4th
  • Competition Overall:
    • B-Team: 7th
    • C-Team: 4th
  • District Overall
    • B-Team: 5th
    • C-Team: 4th

Laura Maki Michigan High School State Championships: Novi, March 6, 2016

  • Kayla Morgan, Pre-Preliminary Test Track
    • 2nd place Qualifying
    • 7th place Finals

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