Details on Learn to Skate USA Changes


You may have noticed our Basic Skills Program has a new name and a new logo, but that’s not all that changed.  In this post, we’ll try to go over briefly some of the most notable changes in the Learn to Skate USA Program.

  • Name change: The program name has changed from “US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program” to “Learn to Skate USA.
  • Updated Mission Statement and Program Objectives.
  • New website:, Including support materials for parents and a fun zone exclusively for kids.
  • Updated Welcome Packet: US Figure Skating will be sending a welcome packet directly to your home. The packet will include a skater record book to track progress through the program, a parent handbook, a membership card, and a Learn to Skate USA magazine filled with helpful information about all aspects of skating.  Once we have your membership processed you should expect to receive your packet within a couple of weeks.  Be sure your mailing address is correct and written clearly when registering!
  • Revamped Curriculum: Several skills have switched levels and new skills have been added to help improve the flow of the curriculum.
  • Addition of Snowplow Sam 4: This additional level in the Snowplow Sam Curriculum will assure our youngest skaters have the opportunity to continue to advance their skills until they are ready to transition into the traditional Basic Skills Levels.  If after the completion of SPS3 a skater is still 5 or under they will move into SPS 4. If they have reached age 6 they will be moved to Basic 2.
  • Basic Skills top level is now Basic 6:  In the past the Basic Skills Levels concluded with Basic 8, now with the revamping of the curriculum, the top most level is Basic 6.  After passing B1 – B6 skaters will be ready to confidently advance to the more specialized areas of skating.
  • Addition of Pre-Free Skate: Basic 7 & 8 did not disappear! The skills in these levels have been tweaked and put together in one level, now known as Pre-Free Skate. This level features progressive skating skills, transitions, spins, and jumps. For our local program, Pre-Free Skate will be continue to be a regularly offered part of our Learn to Skate USA curriculum. At registration anyone who would have been in or entering Basic 7 or 8 should be sure to sign up for Pre-Free Skate.

Lots of changes, but all for the better! We are excited to continue to make our Learn to Skate program a fun and positive experience for all who join us.

If you have any questions about the changes, or would like to know more. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can be reached via email at or by phone at (989) 817-2485.


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