Order Action Stills of Your Skater from MPFSC’s Ice Show, “Once Upon a Blade”

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At our annual Ice Show at the end of February, Theron Logan from TTL Photography, was present and taking action stills of the skaters during each of their routines. We are excited to share with you now the details on how to preview and order prints of these fantastic images.

  1. Click this Link (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3IlgHqJDRSYb19GUVdaMDRhWFU) and a folder will open with watermarked images from the show. Please give the images time to load as there are 1,700 photos in the folder.
  2. Browse and select the images you would like to order. Be sure to jot down the numbers listed below the photos for reference.  You can view a PDF of the order form and prices here.
  3. Contact TTL photography by Email (logan1tt@cmich.edu) or by phone (313)-418-5509 to place your order.

Theron will also be stopping by the rink in the next couple of weeks to take orders as well.  Once we have a confirmed date, we will update this post and share on our Facebook page as well.

If you have any questions on ordering photos, please direct them to TTL Photography (logan1tt@cmich.edu).

We hope you’ll enjoy these great memories from the Ice Show for years to come.

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