MPFSC’s COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols


Updated 10/25/20 — updates are underlined.


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Mt Pleasant Figure Skating Club has developed the following protocols with guidance from by U.S. Figure Skating, the CDC, Isabella County Department of Public Health and the Isabella County Events Arena. Knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and these protocols are subject to change as circumstances or recommendations change.


  • SIGNED WAIVER – All skaters and coaches are required to sign a one-time MPFSC COVID-19 Waiver. For skaters below age 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian BEFORE the skater is allowed on the ice. 
  • MASKS – Face masks are required. Skaters and coaches are required to wear masks at all times – when they are both on and off the ice.  Skaters with a medical exemption are not required to wear a mask, however they will be required to provide documentation of the exemption to rink managmenet. 
  • ATTIRE – Skaters and coaches should come to the rink dressed for skating.
  • WATER BOTTLES – Drinking fountains are shut down. Please remember to bring your own water bottle.
  • TIMING – Skaters and guests are asked to wait outside the building until 15 minutes before their scheduled session.
  • SANITIZE HANDS — Skaters and guests are asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the building.
  • SPECTATORS – Each skater may have only 2 spectators attend with them.


  • ENTRANCE – Enter the building using the same entrance that has been used in the past. The door to the far right will be unlocked during scheduled operating hours. Look for the red arrow. Please use this door to enter the facility.  Always stay to the right when walking through the lobby.
  • RINK SIGN IN — The rink has a sign in sheet located near the skate rental window.  All skaters and guests are required to sign in when they enter the facility.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Please practice social distancing at all times by remaining 6 feet apart while standing in lines, moving about the facility or waiting to get on the ice. 
  • MPFSC CLUB/BRIDGE PROGRAM — MPFSC Club Skaters and those participating in the Bridge program will be allowed to use the MPFSC locker room and the Girls Hockey Locker Room to put on/remove skates and store their equipment while on the ice.  If more room is needed skaters may utilize the chairs in the hallway.  The rink has asked us to keep the lobby area clear so they may sanitize before the next user group arrives. Please do not leave your gear in the lobby while you are on the ice.  Skaters should take all needed items to the ice and upon leaving for the day should clean and sanitize their bench area within the locker room.
  • RETURN TO SKATE/LEARN TO SKATE PROGRAMS — Skaters may put their skates on using the benches in the rink lobby. Gear should then be stored neatly in the hallway or kept with parent/guardian while the skater is on the ice.  The rink has asked us to keep the lobby area clear while we are on the ice so they may sanitize before the next user group arrives.  
  • CHECK-IN – All coaches and skaters must check-in with the ice monitor at the cart before entering the ice.
  • ICE ENTRY/EXIT — Skaters will enter the ice at the center doorway as usual and exit through the north doorway near the Zamboni entrance (aka Snowplow Sam Doors).  When skaters exit the ice they will walk down the hallway to the locker room or chairs to gather their things and remove skates.  
  • HYGIENE — Please remember to practice good hygiene. Sanitizer stations will be available throughout the facility. Lobby bathrooms will also be available for use.
  • OFF ICE — Off ice practice is not permitted in the ICE Arena at this time. 
  • MUSIC – The speaker system and CD player may be used for club ice. Cleaning supplies will be provided and must be used to sanitize the area.  If a volunteer is playing music, they may sanitize at the end of their shift.  If no volunteer is present, coaches and/or skaters should sanitize before/after each use.
  • EXITING THE FACILITY – When exiting the facility skaters may leave through the main exit.  When walking through the lobby always stay to the right and socially distance as much as possible.  Skaters and guests are asked to exit within 15 minutes of the end of their session.


If a skater, coach or volunteer feels ill and/or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they should not come to the rink.

If a skater, coach, volunteer or a member of their household tests positive for COVID-19, has been tested but is awaiting results, or if there is a concern that he or she has had contact with someone that has COVID-19, they should not come to the rink.

In any such instances please do not attend any skating sessions until such individuals are cleared to return.   

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe!




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