AccessorICE Show Update and Instructions!

AccessorICE Trial 8 colored MPFSCHello Learn to Skate Parents! We are so excited about the debut of AccessorICE tomorrow! All of the skaters have been working so hard and it really shows. We can’t wait for you to see it all put together.

Here are just a few final updates to help you and your skater prepare.

  • Need a reminder of what your child needs to wear? You can check that out below. (click to make full size)basic skills costumes
  • Please try to be at the ICE Arena no later than 5 pm. This will allow ample time for your child to get their costume and skates on before show time.
  • When you arrive you will be directed to a locker room where your skater will finish preparing.  Be sure to pick up your rental skates (if needed) on the way so you’ll have them ready to go.
  • Inside the locker room you’ll find the final pieces for the costume with an information sheet with instructions for how the items should be worn/carried.
  • Once they are dressed and ready please have your child wait in the locker room for their coach/instructor. They will make sure they get out to the ice on time.
  • Parents are welcome to watch the show from the bleachers or from the viewing area upstairs.  Seats upstairs go fairly quickly, so come a bit early if you prefer to sit up in that area.
  • After their performance skaters are welcome to sit with you and watch the remainder of the show, but remember the concrete floor and metal bleachers can damage a skate blade, so please be careful.  Also skates should never be worn when climbing the stairs to the second floor unless the skater is wearing hard guards.
  • We will have a “finale” perfomance at the end of the show and we invite all the LTS skaters to take a final bow.  Skaters should begin to gather by the “curtain” during the middle of the final act and the coaches and ice monitor will get them lined up and ready.

For your convenience DVD’s of the show will be available for purchase at the information table set up in the lobby.  The price will be $10 and cash is the preferred method of payment. (Please note we do not have the ability to take Credit/Debit payments.)  DVD’s will be available for pickup during the next session of Learn to Skate.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask in the comments below or message us on Facebook.

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