Mountain Town Classic Basic Skills Competition — Information and FAQ’s

Mountain-town-classicOn April 18th, the Mt. Pleasant Figure Skating Club will be hosting the 11th annual Mountan Town Classic Competition.  The event is part of the Michigan Basic Skills Series, and hosts competitors from all over the state. Skaters from Snowplow Sam to Preliminary level compete in various events including Elements (Compulsory) and Programs to music (Free Skate)    This is a great opportunity for your Learn to Skate child to try competing in an environment that is familiar and comfortable for them.

What is the purpose of the Basic Skills Series Competitions?

To promote a FUN, introductory, competitive experience for begining skaters.

What is the Basic Skills competition format?

The Basic Skills Element (Compulsory) portion of the competition is similar to one of our test sessions for Basic Skills Badges Snowplow Sam 1– Level 8.  Each level of the competition will consist of a group(s) or flight(s) of up to six skaters. Each skater will be asked to perform the elements for that level one at a time. While the skater is performing the elements there will be judges assessing their skills and assigning them scores.

How are the scores calculated?

Once all competitors in the flight are finished, the judge’s scores for each skater are brought to the accountant to tally. Those numbers are then converted to ordinals  (1,2,3,4,5,6) which determine the skaters placement.  Once these results are certified they will be posted and the awards ceremony will take place.

Who receives a medal?

For our competition, every skater who participates will receive a medal corresponding to their final placement. Shortly after the results are posted the skaters will be called to the podium area where the medals will be awarded.  The ceremony is a great chance to take photos, so be sure to bring your camera!

What Basic Skills level would my child compete at?

Skaters must enter at the highest level passed or the current level in which they are enrolled.  For example, if they passed Level 1 in the Winter Session of LTS, they could enter at that level OR at Level 2 if they feel they are ready.  Your child’s instructor or our Learn to Skate Director, would be happy to help you decide on the correct level.

My child just started in Learn to Skate lessons, will they be ready to compete?

Yes, they certainly can be! The competition will be held on April 18, so they will have four weeks of lessons before the event.  We’ll also have extra practice available during the week prior to the competition to help your child prepare. (more details to come).

Can my child compete with a Program to Music (Freestyle)?

Freestyle programs are coordinated and choreographed with the help of a private coach and require an additional time and monetary commitment, outside of group lessons.  If you and your child are interested in exploring this form of competing and wish to learn more about it or to want to inquire about hiring a coach, please chat with our Learn to Skate Director after lessons or via email at

How much does it cost to compete?

Ask at the Learn to Skate cart or email for more information on pricing.

How do we sign up?

Registration forms are available at the Learn to Skate cart.

How long does the competition take?

Schedules will be available at the rink and at in the week prior to the competition, but Basic Skills Element Events are usually held in the morning.  Your child will need to arrive 1 hr prior to their time slot to register and prepare to take the ice. Events can move faster or slower than expected, so it’s important to be ready in advance.

What should my child wear for competition?

Your child may wear whatever they feel comfortable in.  Boys usually choose to wear dark pants, shirt and turtleneck or sweater.  Most girls will wear a skating dress* or a skirt with a sweater and tights.   Hair should be neat, with long hair pulled back in either a bun or ponytail.

*If you are interested, MPFSC has a rack with dresses for sale that might work for your skater.  Ask at the LTS cart for details.

Competition Code of Conduct:

Remember, every child competing is special to someone. Skaters and families should be respectful of all competitors. In the audience, refrain from entering, exiting, or wandering the bleacher area while skaters are performing. There’s plenty of time in between skaters to move around. Be supportive of your skater and be attentive to and appreciative of the efforts of all skaters.

Have more questions? Email us at or ask at the Learn to Skate Cart.



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