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The Middle of the Mitt High School Figure Skating Team was founded in the Fall of 2015 and is composed of 9th through 12th grade skaters from several area high schools.  To participate skaters must be members in good standing of USFS, have completed the Pre-Freeskate Level of the Learn to Skate USA program, and be enrolled in high school.  Though this is a competitive sport, the goal of the team first and foremost is to have FUN and to promote a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie.

Skaters will be assigned to one of a possible three teams based on skill levels, with A-Team having the most difficult elements and C-Team the least. Restrictions for competing at each level are:

  • A-Team: No Restrictions
  • B-Team: Must not have passed Intermediate Freestyle/Novice Moves
  • C-Team: Must not have passed Preliminary Freestyle/Pre-Juvenile Moves

The teams compete at three District events from December-February with the hopes of qualifying for the State Championships in March.

The 2017-18  team was composed of an A, B and C-Team and features skaters from Big Rapids High School, Gladwin High School, Mt. Pleasant High School, Sacred Heart Academy, and Shepherd High School.

2017-18 Middle of the Mitt High School Figure Skating Team — Back row: Angelina Myers, Sophomore; Rachel Bigelow, Freshman; Jenna Harnick, Senior; Sarah Zhao, Senior; Kayla Morgan, Senior; Madison Morey, Freshman; Caitlyn Hector, Sophomore Front Row: Elson Willsey, Sophomore; Autumn Willsey, Senior; Jaedyn Myers, Junior; Mariya Gifford, Sophomore

2018-19 District Competitions:

  • Kalamazoo, December 15, 2018
  • Mt Pleasant, January 20, 2019
  • Bay City, February 16, 2019

2018-19 State Championships:

  • TBA

2018-19 High School National Final

  • March 30 – 31,  2019,  Brighton, MI

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If you are interested in learning more or wish to inquire about joining the team, please contact Ginni Phillips at gpsk8r@gmail.com or email us at MtPleasantFSC@gmail.com.


Team History:

2017-18 Middle of the Mitt Team Photos & Results









2016-17 Middle of the Mitt Team Photos & Results










2015-16 Middle of the Mitt Team Photos & Results


About the Michigan High School Skating Series: (via Sk8Stuff)

Introduced in 1999, and continuing to grow every year, the Michigan High School Skating series offers great opportunities for skaters to participate in team sports and to be part of their school’s athletic program. Starting with 10 teams and a single competition in 1999, the 2016 series has 43 teams and 19 competitions.

High School Figure Skaters in Michigan compete in 6 Districts, each composed of 6-12 teams. Each school may field any or all of “A”, “B”, and “C” level teams, which compete separately. The “A” teams have the most difficult elements, “C” teams have the least difficult. Teams participate in 3 initial-round competitions within their own District, then the victors from each district meet in a final State Championship Competition in March.

The initial-round competitions in each district are Team Compulsory competitions. At these competitions, there are 3 events at each level – a Jumps event, a Spins event, and a Moves event. Each event has 4 “elements” – elements are performed by a single skater from each team, in team rotation. Each competition lasts about 4 hours, and teams compete against other teams within their own district to earn a position in the State Championship competition.

The 2-day State Championship offers a final Team event in the same format as described above. It also offers a large variety of “Individual” events such as freeskating, dance, and showcase which allow skaters to earn State Individual medals.