Participants in the Winter Session of Learn to Skate, Bridge, and the MPFSC Club Programs will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Ice Show.  The exhibition will showcase exciting solo and group figure skating numbers based around a central theme.  Skaters will perform under spotlights and the choreography will highlight the skills they have been learning in their group classes or private lessons.  The show is a great opportunity for your family and friends to celebrate all the hard work your skaters have put into their lessons and programs.

Our 2017 Ice Show is entitled “Once Upon a Blade” and will take place on Sunday, February 26, 2017. A fundraiser for HATS (Humane Animal Treatment Society), admission is free, but we ask that all attendees consider bringing a donation to help our furry friends.  You can find a “wish list” of items here.


  • Sunday, February 26, 2017; 5:30 pm


Monday, February 20, 2017: 6:00 – 6:50 pm: All Monday and Thursday Learn to Skate skaters are asked to attend if possible.

Thursday, February 23, 2017: 5:00 – 6:50 pm: All Monday and Thursday skaters are asked to attend. We will be running through a full run through of the show from start to finish with spotlights. Any remaining time will be devoted to more practice for the Learn to Skate programs.  We cannot specify a specific time for each section so please plan to attend the whole rehearsal. We will also be practicing the finale where all skaters will be taking a final bow.  This is not a dress rehearsal skaters are welcome to wear their costumes if they wish.

Please plan to arrive 20-25 minutes early on both nights so that there is adequate time to get skates on. Rehearsal will begin on time.


  • Club & Bridge Skaters are responsible for providing their own costumes. Please talk with your coach for ideas. If your skater is part of a group number, please work together with the other parents to coordinate the look.
  • Learn to Skate: Costumes will be provided for your skater. We may ask for them to wear a certain color pant and/or shirt as a base, but all accessories will be provided.

Snowplow Sam 1 – 4: 101 Dalmatians “Fur Vault/The Chase”: Please wear a white long sleeved shirt and white or black pants. (White pants are preferred but blank pants are acceptable as well.) Please draw on black spots or attach black circles onto the shirt and pants.  A puppy tail and ears will be provided for each skater.

Basic 1: Little Mermaid “Under the Sea” : Please wear a black long sleeved shirt and black pants. A fish prop will be provided for each skater. Girls will also receive a colorful tutu.

Basic 2 & 3: Peter Pan “I Won’t Grow Up”: Please wear camo, olive green or brown shirts and pants. An inflatable sword and brown vest or animal ear headband will be provided. Skater’s will also have their faces made to look dirty.

Basic 4 & 5: Beauty and the Beast “Be Our Guest”: Each skater will be dressed as an enchanted object and will have different costume needs.

  • Anna Mozurkewich (spoon): silver or dark grey shirt and pants.  
  • Kelly Zheng (fork): silver or dark grey shirt and pants.
  • Hayden Long (knife) silver or dark grey shirt and pants
  • Isabella Lobsinger (candle) gold or yellow shirt and pants.
  • Rachel Chess (clock) brown shirt and brown pants.
  • Laura Goenner (feather duster) black long sleeved shirt and pants.
  • Nicole Goenner (teacup) white long sleeved shirt with pink pants or skirt.

Accessories will be provided to complete each costume.

Basic 6, Pre-Freeskate, Freeskate: Shrek “I’m a Believer”: Each skater will be dressed as a fairytale creature and will have different costume needs.

  • Elliana Gursky (pig) pink shirt and pants
  • Michelle Cotter (pig) pink shirt and pants
  • Sean Cotter (Peter Pan) – Bridge Costume
  • Olivia Kunik (Gingerbread Man) – brown shirt and pants
  • Kate Edwards (3 Blind Mice) – grey or black Shirt and matching pants
  • Mallory Nelson (3 Blind Mice) – grey or black shirt and matching pants
  • Olivia Nelson (3 Blind Mice) – grey or black shirt and matching pants
  • Sofia Hill (Wolf) grey or brown pants/tights and a shirt of the same color with a pink dress.

Accessories will be provided to complete each costume

Show Order:


The Day of Performance:

  • Please be at the ICE Arena with your skater ready to go no later than 5 pm.
  • When you arrive you will be directed to a locker room where your skater will finish preparing.  Be sure to pick up your rental skates (if needed) on the way so you’ll have them ready to go.
  • Inside the locker room you’ll find the final pieces for the costume with an information sheet with instructions for how the items should be worn/carried.
  • Once they are dressed and ready, please have your child wait in the locker room for their coach/instructor. They will make sure they get out to the ice on time.
  • Parents are welcome to watch the show from the bleachers or from the viewing area upstairs.  Seats upstairs go fairly quickly, so come early if you prefer to sit up in that area.
  • After their performance skaters are welcome to sit with you and watch the remainder of the show, but remember the concrete floor and metal bleachers can damage a skate blade, so please be careful.  Also skates should never be worn when climbing the stairs to the second floor unless the skater is wearing hard guards.
  • If you must leave the arena before the show ends, please wait until the skater on the ice has completed their routine. Noises from the bleachers can be distracting to the skater and the audience during a performance.
  • We will have a “finale” performance at the end of the show and all the LTS skaters are invited to take a final bow.  Skaters should begin to gather by the “curtain” Tangled and the coaches and ice monitor will get them lined up and ready.


  • DVD’s of the full show will be available for pre-order for $10 on the night of the show. Please stop by the welcome table to order.


  • You are welcome to take your own photos during the show, but please remember to turn off your flash! Flash photography is not allowed due to the dangers it poses to the skaters on the ice. Thank you for understanding!

Action Stills:

  • Theron Logan of TTL Photography will be taking action skills of the skaters during the Ice Show tomorrow night. Once the shots are edited he will be stopping by the rink for you to preview the photos and order prints or digital files. He will also be providing us a link to a folder where photos can be viewed and ordered online. Theron took some AMAZING shots of our skaters during last year’s Ice Show and he is sure to capture more magic moments out there on the ice. We will update everyone when the photos are ready to be viewed.


  • Our show could not run without our fantastic parent volunteers! Please ask at the LTS cart to find out how you can help us make our ice show a success.



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