Once your skater has progressed into Basic 5 or higher of the Learn to Skate Program, consider joining the Mt Pleasant Figure Skating Club as a Junior Club member. Junior Club is the next step for your child to learn and develop their skating skills, beyond group lessons and our beginning Rising Stars program.

Skaters enrolled in MPFSC’s Junior Club will have the opportunity for private lessons with a certified coach and receive more personalized instruction.  Junior Club Members will also have more flexibility for ice time, opportunities for extra practice, access to specialized skater development classes and the ability to use the entire sheet of ice when receiving their lessons. They will also have a blast participating in our annual Ice Show and other fun events.

Joining the MPFSC as a Junior Club member is a great way for aspiring figure skaters to learn more about the club and the sport, allowing them time to determine their own individualized skating goals.  No matter what they decide, your child will have fun meeting others who enjoy the sport of figure skating!


Advantages of Junior Club Membership

  • Reduced club membership fee
  • Private lessons from experienced professional instructors
  • Individualized attention and introduction to additional skating techniques.
  • A variety of ice times to better suit your schedule.
  • Ability to purchase a club ice punch card that offers flexibility for lessons and opportunities for extra practice time.
  • Opportunities to compete and perform at competitions around the state.
  • Special Ice Show Numbers featuring Junior Club Skaters
  • Eligible to compete at U.S. Figure Skating basic skills competitions
  • Opportunity for specialized parent and skater education.
  • Invitation to MPFSC’s annual end of year banquet
  • Opportunity for aspiring figure skaters and their parents to join our skating community while continuing to learn more about the sport and MPFSC before considering making the transition to full club membership.

Membership Details

Junior Club Membership is open at anytime to skaters in Basic 5 – Pre Free Skate. The annual Club Membership goes from July 1 to June 30. This membership level allows you to join the club at a reduced fee of $45/year and includes a Learn to Skate USA membership as well.

Junior Club skaters have access to MPFSC ice time on Monday and Thursday nights from 5 pm – 6 pm and from 5:30 pm – 6:20 pm on Tuesday nights.  Families may purchase a punch card to pay for their ice sessions or pay the drop in rate each night.  Private lessons during ice time can be contracted with any of the MPFSC certified coaches on staff.  Skaters can also utilize club ice for extra practice time without their coach.

Typical Costs For Junior Club Members

  • Junior Club Membership: $45.00/year (July 1st – June 30th)
  • Ice Cost: Club ice punch card — $200.00 per 10 hours of ice time.  Families can purchase one or multiple cards. Discounts are available for multiple card purchases. Skaters will be notified when there is only one hour remaining on their active card so that a new one can be purchased.  Please see punch card terms and conditions for full details.
  • Coaching Fee: Private lessons are $8.00 per 20 minutes and will be paid directly to the skater’s coach, either daily or by monthly bill.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:   What is the Junior Club Program?
A:   MPFSC’s Junior Club Program is tailored to skaters in Basic 5 – Pre Free Skate who would like to further pursue skating beyond Learn to Skate classes.  Junior Club does not have to take the place of Learn To Skate classes, but is an opportunity to have additional ice time and make progress faster with individualized attention.


Q:   Why join MPFSC’s Junior Club Program?
MPFSC’s Junior Club Program is a natural progression in a skater’s training. It serves as a bridge to introduce the skater and family to Club Membership and allows for more ice time, individualized coaching, and opportunities to have fun and grow within the sport.


Q:   Who should join MPFSC’s Junior Club Program?
A:   Skaters at the Basic 5 – Pre Free Skate level who have enthusiasm, dedication and the desire to learn more about the sport of Figure Skating.
Q:   When can I join?
A:   Membership is open at any time to skaters at the Basic 5 – Pre Free Skate levels.  The annual Membership year goes from July 1st – June 30th.


Q:   How do I join?
A:   We would love to guide you in the process of joining the Junior Club and help answer any questions you might have. Please contact our Learn to Skate Director, Theresa Morgan by emailing her at mtpleasantfsc@gmail.com  or talk with her during Learn to Skate lessons.


Q: What nights can I skate?
A: A Junior Club Member has access to all Mt Pleasant Figure Skating Club ice sessions:
  • Mondays: 5:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesdays: 5:30 – 6:20 pm
  • Thursdays: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Skaters will usually choose one of the nights listed as their main night to skate and will schedule a lesson with their coach on that night.  During their ice time the skater will have a 20 minute lesson with a coach and 40 minutes of practice.  Some skaters will choose to add in a second night of lessons with their coach at some point or may choose to come on another night during the week for additional practice.  The choice is up to you and your skating goals.

For extra practice the rink also holds a drop in on most Saturday mornings from 8:30 – 9:50 am.   Cost is $15 for 60 minutes or $20 for 90 minutes.  Payment for Saturday morning sessions must be paid to the rink office before getting on the ice.

Q: How do I select a coach for private lessons?
A:   Junior Club skaters may request a specific coach or we can work to find one for you. To learn more about our MPFSC private coaches, please go to our COACHES PAGE to look over available bios and credentials. Observing the coaches during class time or on a Club Ice Session is another way to help choose the coach that would be a fit for your skater. Our Learn to Skate Director, Theresa Morgan (mtpleasantfsc@gmail.com) is also available to help facilitate this transition.  Please remember that coaching availability may vary, so it can be helpful to have a backup choice just in case.

Q: How does a club ice punch card work?
A: Junior Club Members obtain ice time for Mt Pleasant Figure Skating Club sessions by purchasing a club ice punch card. For each club ice session that is skated one hour is subtracted from the skater’s punch card. When a skater has one hour remaining they will be notified of the need to purchase a new card. You can skate as much or as little as you wish! Click here for full details.

Q:  Are there volunteer requirements for Junior Club Membership?
A: Our programs could not exist without help from our amazing skating families.  As such, families who are part of the Junior Club are required to complete 8 hours of volunteer time with the club before the end of each skating year.  Families who do not meet this requirement will be billed $10 per hour not completed.  Don’t stress though, there are lots of opportunities to help out! More details on this requirement and a listing of volunteer opportunities can be found here.
Q: Is participation in the Rising Stars program a prerequisite to joining the Junior Club?
A: No.  Some skaters will pass through the Rising Stars program before becoming a Junior Club Member, but it is not a requirement. Skaters in Basic 5 – Pre Free Skate can join the Junior Club at any point.


Want more information or ready to sign up?

Please e-mail us at MtpleasantFSC@gmail.com for more details on the Junior Club program or feel free to message us on Facebook or chat with us during Learn to Skate lessons.