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4.12.14 Tenth Annual Mountain Town Classic (3)

Ginni Phillips  – Ice Director
Phone: 989-560-3871
Skating Experience: 57 Years Skating / 36 Years Coaching
Qualifications: 7th Figure in US and Canada; Gold Dance and Gold Free Dance in US and Canada; Intermediate Pair; National Junior Dance Competitor 1969 [placed ???]; National Senior Dance Competitor 1970 [placed 9th]
Disciplines Taught: Dance, Moves in the Field, Freestyle
Accepting new students? Not currently
Days available for lessons: N/A
Lesson fee rate – $36 per hour

4.12.14 Tenth Annual Mountain Town Classic (146)

Kim Bishop
Phone: 989-506-1698
Skating Experience: 20+ years coaching experience
Qualifications: Gold Dance, Junior Moves in the Field, Intermediate FS, Learn to Skate Instructor/Director for multiple clubs, & Show Director for multiple clubs. Past Regional Competitor. Highest test level passed by students: Senior MIF, Int. Freestyle, Pre-Gold Dance.
Disciplines Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Dance, Pairs, Hockey, Power Skating, Learn to Skate (Basic Skills), Adult, and Synchronized Skating and Instructor for College Team levels.
Accepting new students? Not at this time
Days available for lessons. N/A
Lesson fee rate – $36 per hour



Miranda Steffke — Learn to Skate Director
Skating Experience: 19 years skating, 5 years coaching
Qualifications: Preliminary Moves in the Field/Preliminary Freestyle
Disciplines Taught Learn to Skate USA, Bridge, Moves in the Field, Freestyle, single jumps, etc.
Accepting New Students? Possibly
Days Available for Lessons: Contact for availability
Lesson fee rate: – $20 per hour

Jawaher Dabas
Skating Experience:
Disciplines Taught
Accepting New Students? Possibly
Days Available for Lessons: Contact for availability
Lesson fee rate:

Alyssa Manno
Skating Experience:   I have passed up until Freestyle 5 in ISI levels and in US passed up until freeskate 5 and Moves in the field passed up until Juvenile moves. I have competed at the US synchronized level with Intermediate and Open Juvenile levels, through ISI I have competed until Junior Youth to Sr. Youth formation. I had a student compete at Mountain Town Classic who placed very well.
Qualifications: USFS tests passed, Moves in the field until Juvenile, Freeskate until level 5, ISI until freestyle 5, some highlights, I placed First at the ISI nationals with team and second at the ISI nations with the same organization. For Starlights, the USFS team I was with we placed 4th or 5th overall for open juvenile, and 5th or 6th for intermediate overall.
Disciplines Taught: Learn to Skate USA & Bridge
Accepting New Students: Possibly
Days Available for Lessons:  Please contact for availability.
Lesson fee rate: Regular Rate: $10/20 minute lesson Bridge: $6/20 minute lesson

Ashley Reaume

Ashley Reaume
Skating Experience: 16 years skating/4 years coaching
Qualifications: Passed Pre-Juvenile Free Skate and Intermediate Moves in the Field. 2012 and 2014 U.S. National Synchronized Skating Championship Competitor.
Disciplines Taught: Learn to Skate USA, Bridge, Freestyle, and Moves in the Field
Accepting New Students: Possibly
Days Available for Lessons: Please contact for availability
Lesson fee rate — $21 per hour


Andria ZuccalaAndria
Skating Experience: Coaching: B.A. Minor Athletic Coaching; Basic Skills: 6 years; Private Lessons: 5 years. Skating: 13 years competitive figure skating; 7 years Hockettes Synchronized Skating Team; 3 years Synchronized Skating Team USA.
Qualifications: Moves in the Field: Gold; Freestyle: Intermediate; Dance: Pre-Silver
Disciplines Taught: Learn to Skate USA, Bridge, Moves in the field, Freestyle, Beginning Dance
Accepting New Students: Not at this time
Days Available for Lessons: N/A
Lesson fee rate – $24 per hour


Learn To Skate USA Instructors:

Miranda Steffke — Learn to Skate Director

Jawaher Dabas, Alyssa Manno, Kayla Morgan, &  Ashley Reaume,


Are you a figure skater attending CMU or live in the local area? Are you interested in helping young skaters learn and develop their skills? Consider joining MPFSC as a Learn to Skate Coach!  Learn more about our employment opportunities here.