Participants in the Winter Session of Learn to Skate, Bridge, and the MPFSC Club Programs will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Ice Show.  The exhibition will showcase exciting solo and group figure skating numbers based around a central theme.  Skaters will perform under spotlights and the choreography will highlight the skills they have been learning in their group classes or private lessons.  The show is a great opportunity for your family and friends to celebrate all the hard work your skaters have put into their lessons and programs.

The 2022 Annual Ice Show has been scheduled for February 26, 2022.  Details will be posted as they are available.

2020 Performance:  Under the Big Top

  • Saturday, February 29, 2020  — 5 pm
    • Skaters should arrive an hour before the performance time if at all possible, but should arrive no later than 4:30 pm.


  •  $5 for Adults (13+)
  • $3 for Kids (3 – 12)
  • 2 and under Free

All proceeds will help offset the ice show costs and benefit the Learn to Skate and Club skating programs.

Informational Meetings:

  • Parent Meeting #1:  January 27th or January 30th
  • Parent Meeting #2:  February 17th or February 20th

Meetings will be held at 6:15 pm in the Sky Box room upstairs at the rink. Please plan to attend both meetings! Important information about the show will be discussed.


  • Club & Bridge Skaters are responsible for providing their own costumes. Please talk with your coach for ideas. If your skater is part of a group number, please work together with the other parents to coordinate the look.  We encourage you to work out these details soon after the programs are assigned in case any pieces need to be ordered.
  • Learn to Skate: Skaters will be asked to wear certain base colors. Accessories will be provided for each skater in the Learn to Skate Program.  
      • For example your skater may be asked to wear black pants and a red shirt, and then we may provide a hat, accessory or other prop that your skater can keep after the show is over.
      • Please note what will be supplied for your child and what we would like them to wear from home.

    Under the Big Top
    Learn to Skate Ice Show Costumes
    **Please note these are the base colors we are asking your child to wear from home for the show. Accessories will be given to each skater on the night of the show to complete the costume.

    Snowplow Sam 1 – 4: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Please wear a yellow, black, or brown shirt (long or short sleeved) and pants.

    Basic 1 & 2: Afro Circus
    Please wear a red, yellow or blue shirt (long or short sleeved) and pants.

    Basic 3 & 4: I Want Candy
    Please wear a bright colored shirt (long or short sleeved) and pants.

    Basic 5 and up: Circus
    Please wear a black shirt (short or long sleeved) and black pants

    Adult 1 – 6: 99 Red Balloons
    Please wear black pants; a black shirt will be provided for you.

Ice Show Shirts: 

  • T-shirts and Sweatshirts with the show logo are available for pre-order.  Due date for ordering is January 30, 2020.  Please visit the Learn to Skate Cart for more details and to pick up an order form.

Program Information:

  • Program Photos: Group photos for the ice show program will be taken during normal class times the week of February 3rd.  No special attire is required, just bring your smiles.


  • Happy Ads: Give your skater a “shout out” and congratulate them on all their efforts by purchasing a “Happy Ad” in the Ice Show program. For just $5 you can put in an encouraging note to your skater and wish them luck on what are sure to be some show stopping performances! Forms for Happy Ads are located at the Learn to Skate Cart and are due by February 6th to ensure inclusion in the ice show program.


  • Business Ads:  Ad space is available for purchase for local businesses and organizations in the Ice Show Program. Forms and pricing for Business Ads are located at the Learn to Skate Cart and are due by February 6th to ensure inclusion in the ice show program.  Please ask at the Learn to Skate Cart or email us at for more details.

Final Rehearsal:

  • Thursday, February 27, 2020 
    • 5 pm for Club & Bridge Skaters
    • 6 pm for Learn to Skate

It is very important that your skaters attend if at all possible regardless of the night they skate. This is not a dress rehearsal, but the skaters are welcome to wear their costumes if they wish.

During the rehearsal we will be practicing the show programs multiple times and also be practicing the finale where all skaters will be taking a final bow.  Please plan to arrive 20-25 minutes early so that there is adequate time to get skates on. Rehearsal will begin on time.

Important Details for the Day of the Performance:

  • Please be at the ICE Arena with your skater on time!
  • When you arrive you will be directed to a locker room where your skater will finish preparing.  Be sure to pick up your rental skates (if needed) on the way so you’ll have them ready to go.
  • Inside the locker room you’ll find the final pieces for the costume with an information sheet with instructions for how the items should be worn/carried.
  • Once they are dressed and ready, please have your child wait in the locker room with their coach/instructor. They will make sure they get out to the ice on time.
  • Parents are welcome to watch the show from the bleachers or from the viewing area upstairs.  Seats upstairs go fairly quickly, so come early if you prefer to sit up in that area.
  • After their performance skaters are welcome to sit with you and watch the remainder of the show, but remember the concrete floor and metal bleachers can damage a skate blade, so please be careful.  Also skates should never be worn when climbing the stairs to the second floor unless the skater is wearing hard guards.
  • If you must leave the arena before the show ends, please wait until the skater on the ice has completed their routine. Noises from the bleachers can be distracting to the skater and the audience during a performance.
  • We will have a “finale” performance at the end of the show and all the LTS skaters are invited to take a final bow.  Skaters should begin to gather by the “curtain” near the beginning of the final act and the coaches and ice monitor will get them lined up and ready.


  • Show Videos: Digital copies of the full Ice Show performance  are available for pre-order and will also be available at the Welcome table on the night of the show. 
    • Cost:
      • $15 for digital download
      • $20 for DVD
      • $30 for digital download & DVD


  • You are welcome to take your own photos during the show, but please remember to turn off your flash! Flash photography is not allowed due to the dangers it poses to the skaters on the ice. Thank you for understanding!


  • Our show could not run without our fantastic parent volunteers! Please ask us to find out how you can help make our ice show a success.


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