The Mt Pleasant Figure Skating Club is a non-profit organization primarily operated by volunteers. Being a member of the program means you are a member of the community, and that means doing your part to help us be successful. In order for this club to continue providing extensive and varied opportunities, it is necessary for families to volunteer throughout the skating year.  We can’t do it without you!

During the skating year, Club, Junior Club and Rising Stars Skating Families are required to complete a pre-determined amount of volunteer hours:

  • Rising Stars: 4 hours per family*
  • Junior  Club: 8 hours per family*
  • Club: 12 hours per family*

Who must complete the volunteer requirement:

  • If a Rising Stars, Junior Club or MPFSC member skates at the Martin Ice Arena, the skater and/or their family will be required to fulfill the required volunteer hours.  
  • Active Collegiate Members who meet the above definition will also be required to fulfill the volunteer requirement.


  • Skaters who join the MPFSC, Junior Club or Rising Stars Program before the end of February will still have many opportunities to complete their hours before the end of the skating year. However, if a skater becomes a member of either the Bridge Program or the Club on or after March 1st of the current skating year, the volunteer requirement will be prorated to one-third of the required total hours.

Buyout Option:

  • Skating Families who wish to may elect to “buyout” all or part of their volunteer hour requirement at the rate of $10 per hour.  When you fill out the Volunteer Form you may select that option or you can request it at a later date.

Medical Waiver

  • In the event a skater is injured, and that injury prevents them from skating the remainder of the skating year, documentation can be presented to waive the remaining volunteer requirement.

Volunteer hours are expected to be completed and documented by June 24th or families will be billed $10 for each hour not completed. 

For more details please see our 2021- 22 Volunteer FAQ.

Volunteer tracking forms must be completed and signed by an appropriate committee chair or board member within 2 weeks of the volunteer time.  Families are responsible for contacting the chair or board members to sign the form in a timely fashion. For convenience tracking forms are created for you and kept in the Volunteer Hours Binder in the club room.  

Learn to Skate USA Families are not required to complete volunteer time, but are encouraged to get involved when possible.


How can you help?

There are many ways to help, as well as meet the volunteer requirement:

  • Pass out flyers to schools and business for MPFSC events
  • Playing Music during Club Ice and Drop In — Play program music for skaters and coaches.  Training will be provided.
  • Ice Monitor during Club Ice — Check in Skaters as they take to the ice. Log on the monitor sheet and mark off punch cards. Sell punch cards and collect drop in payments as necessary. 
  • Learn to Skate Cart — Monitor the cart during Learn to Skate Sessions, answer questions or direct to those who can.
  • Hospitality for club events (testing, competition, etc) — Bring in food/drink for our coaches and judges. Sign up will be available prior to each event.
  • Test Sessions — Set up, clean up, runner for results, and more.
  • Locker Room Cleaning — Help us keep the club room clean!
  • Ice Show Performances — We need help with set up, welcome desk, locker room monitors, ushers and more. Sign up will be available prior to the event.
  • Props for Ice Shows — Help create props for our annual ice show.
  • Spot Light work for Ice Shows — Help light up our skaters as the perform in the ice show. Training will be provided.
  • Costume organization or manufacture for Ice Show — We provide costume accessories for all of our Learn to Skate participants in the ice show.  Help us design ideas or even make pieces for the costumes.
  • Mountain Town Classic — We need LOTS of help with our annual competition. Jobs will include: registration, ice monitor, announcer, music player, result runner, medals presenter and more.  Sign up will be available prior to the event.
  • Media promotion of MPFSC and its benefits and events

These are just a few of the many ways you can help our program and events be successful. If you have a unique talent or skill that you feel would benefit our organization, we’d love to hear your idea!


*To meet the volunteer requirement, volunteers can be a member of the skaters’ immediate family, or the skater themselves.  Just be sure the volunteer form is signed appropriately.

For more information on how you can help, or if you have a question on the volunteer requirement, please email us at